Mis Viajes en España

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  1. Well folks the time has come... I am on my way to Oviedo, Spain.
    I don't know how, but I was able to pack everything I need, an maybe some stuff I don't, into a 21-inch carry-on and a backpack for electronics and camera gear.

    I am sooo excited and also nervous to be heading out on this journey of studying abroad. It didn't happen overnight. The process was long and well-thought-out. I knew when I attended orientation at the University of Utah last year that this would be my goal. The process of applications, essays and teacher recommendations was long. Then, the waiting to find out about acceptance into the program and about scholarships. After we found out we were accepted, there were meetings and lots of prep work.

    But here we are as time moves by so fast. How blessed I am to have this opportunity to study language an culture in a foreign land. Never in my mind did I think at his point in my life opportunities like this would arise.

    Life is funny and we need to always keep plugging even when it seems impossible, and boy do I know that feeling.

    Oh by the way... good news... At the very last minute a scholarship came through, helping out the financial burden. There were less than two hours left in the dy to be notified and there it was.

    It is a national scholarship and one I am so honored to receive.

    I am not great at keeping up on blogs or journaling, but I hope that this will give me an outlet to post pictures and an opportunity to stay in touch and for you to offer words of encouragement through the process. For all you tech geeks, the amount of SD card space I am taking with me equals 4585 frames without clearing discs. Be prepared to be inundated with pictures.

    Thank you all for supporting me- I couldn't do this without you.